A few of our many Services

  • Plow truck Checkup

    We will go over your vehicle from top to bottom to make sure you will not have to worry, when the weather starts to get bad.

    A few of the things that we will make sure are ready for winter weather

    ~ 4X4 Motor/Shifter

    ~ Transfer case

    ~ Driveshafts

    ~ Differentials

    ~ Brakes, Tires and Rotors

    ~ Plow support and electronics

    Antique and classic vehicle Repairs

    We have the expertise to fix any year or model vehicle while also caring for it as if it were our own.

    ~ Drive on lift ONLY

    ~ Kept inside the shop overnight to minimize weather exposure


    CVT Transmission Diagnosis and Repair or Replacement

    When it comes to CVT Transmissions we have the expertise to get you back on the road for the best price possible.


  • Need a transmission rebuild?

    We have the knowledge to fix any transmission that you might have.

    ~ C4

    ~ Allison

    ~ Asian Warner

    ~ All Manuals

    ~ Etc.

    Dual Clutch Transmission Service & Repair

    We have the tools and experience to fix your Dual Clutch Transmission. We can replace wet or dry cluches. Mechatronic replacements and relearns, full reseals and rebuilds or even just a checkup with a fluid/filter change.

    ~ Ford Dual Clutch

    ~ Volkswagen DSG

    ~ Audi S-Tronic


  • Check Engine or warning light on?

    We offer a free diagnostic scan, road test, and price quote for any type of vehicle.

    Expedited Fleet Services

    We understand that your truck IS your business, and will make sure to prioritize you the best we can.

    Typical turn around of 1 business day.

  • Full service 4x4 service center

    We have the expertise to solve any of your drivetrain needs.

    ~ Transfer Case

    ~ Differential

    ~ Axles

    ~ Offroad Upgrades

    ~ Ratio Changes

    ~ Etc.

    Need Additional Repairs?

    While we service your transmission, we will perform a quality control check to ensure there are no other problems.


    Need a rear main seal or Clutch & flywheel?

    We can take care of that!